A diamond of a place, for alternative holidays in the Aegean Sea

Green slopes and blue beaches. Sandy shores but also paths that lead you to wildlife. Rich gastronomy and hospitable residents. And all this, half an hour’s distance from the mainland. An island that combines mountain and sea in a special way, very harmoniously and with an impressive result. Thassos is such an island, that it will enchant you from the first moment you arrive at it. It’ll always make you come back for more at the first opportunity you have.

Thassos is the island you will choose if you love the mountain but in the summer you want to take your dives with this view. It is an island that combines vegetation in two ways. On the one hand, thanks to the green landscapes of its mountain and on the other, because of the turquoise waters of its beaches. Where the sea breeze meets the smell of pine trees. That’s because the trees go all the way down to the sea. What can be more idyllic than that?

What you can see on the beautiful island of the North Aegean Archipelago

Start from Limenas (meaning the Port), where the heart of this beautiful island is essentially beating. It is the capital of Thassos that prepares you for the beauty you will see on the island in general. Limenas has the privilege of combining all that Thassos is proud of. On the one hand, there is the pine-tree forest with its dense vegetation and rare ecosystem. On the other, the crystal clear sea in which the colour of the mountain is reflected.

If you choose Limenas for your stay, you won’t regret it. A vibrant capital town that has everything. You will walk on the picturesque cobblestones and you will definitely stand in one of the shops for a cup of coffee or some fresh fish to eat. You will find rooms for every taste and enjoy a pleasant accommodation in one of the cleanest islands of the Aegean Archipelago.

Another place to visit in Thassos is Aliki. An area of unique beauty with two small coasts. There is also the famous archaeological site of Thassos with many monuments and quarries that operated on the island from the 6th century BC until the 6th century AD.

Of course, what you can’t miss is the “Tear of Venus”. A natural swimming pool that creates an eerie setting. In fact, it is a particular geological phenomenon in which the seawater is trapped in a “pool” created by a circular rock. Giola, as its real name is, was formed over the centuries by the waves of the sea and the rocks that surround it.

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What else can one say about the beaches of Thassos? I’m sure the images speak for themselves. They can satisfy even the most demanding. Most beaches have fine sand and shallow waters. In most, trees such as pines and olives literally touch the water. They are, due to their morphology, ideal for families with kids. However, on the island, you will also find coasts with deeper waters where you can explore the seabed.

Photo Source: Google Maps

We have singled out, Paradise and Golden Beach. Paradise is literally what its name suggests. The golden sand of the beach and the pine-tree forest of the area create an idyllic landscape that you will not easily find elsewhere.

Thassos is less than two and a half hours away from Thessaloniki. From Kavala, the island is only half an hour away and has very frequent ferry routes. Your experience in this particular island will be unforgettable and you will wonder why all these years you had not spent your holidays there.

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