Attica can be an oasis on the weekend if you find the right place to spend it. What you need is a quiet beach for diving and sand to relax. All this could be a lot closer than you think. Especially if you choose a beach like Pigadakia in Attica and within walking distance of Athens. There you will enjoy a relaxed swim in a quiet place without a lot of people.

The quiet beach of Pigadakia in Attica

We started a day for Delesi and decided that we would stop at any beach that makes us the “click” as we say in greek. And so we arrived at Pigadakia beach. A quiet place, a sandy beach with shallow and calm waters. Just what you need to spend a quiet one-day trip at sea and to cool off.

It is a stretched sandy beach that will offer you peace and clear waters and it is not a coast that is often hit by the wind. That means you won’t mind the sand or the waves and enjoying your swim. In one part it has umbrellas and sunbeds if you prefer it the organized. On the other hand, if you don’t want that, there’s plenty of room to spread your strawmut and set up your own umbrella. There aren’t many trees for shade, so it’s better to be more organized than before.

In the area, however, you will find snack bars and other shops to buy what you might need for your swim.

pigadakia: The unknown beach in Attica for a calm swim How to get to Pigadakia

Pigadakia beach in Attica is located between Delesi and Chalkucci and you will not have any difficulty to approach it. You can see HERE from Google Maps exactly where it is located. If you want to go on a weekend, you’d better start in the morning so you can find parking easier. What’s certain is that you’re going to swim in a different beach and you won’t be disturbed by the crowds.

External photography source: Google Maps