Weekends are most appropriate for leisurely walks and dives into the sea. Attica is ideal for such moments since you acn find beaches spread out with shallow waters for every taste. Of course it is important for the water to be clear for the experience of swimming to become an unforgettable experience. It is warranted that, if you find a beach that suits you, you don’t easily change it for another and it becomes your hangout. The spread out beaches with the shallow waters in Attica are ideal because on the one hand there is no overcrowding, and on the other hand children can safely play in the water.

You can see below the beaches we recommend in mygreece.tv which combine shallow water and plenty of space.

Harakas Beach

Harakas beach is one of the longest and most stretched out beaches in Attica. In addition to its large size, it is also shallow and with fluffy sand. You will find it on the borders of the Municipalities between Lavrio and Keratea, in 65 km distance from the center of Athens. It is undoubtedly a wonderful beach with plenty of space, quiet enough, and suitable for cool dives. The water of Harakas is crystal clear and the beach is endless for the children to enjoy. In the summer, you will certainly no to go only once and twice. And it is understandably one of the most beloved beaches in Attica.

See here exactly where the beach is and prepare your bathing suit!


As you move towards Cape Sounion, a little before you arrive at the idyllic Temple of Poseidon, you will meet the equally beautiful beach of Legraina with its blue water and its distinctive landscape.


One of the spread out beaches of Attica in both length and width, without overcrowding and any annoyance from organizational exploitation. It is literally what you and the children need to spread out, enjoying your bath while respecting the necessary distance from other swimmers. See exactly where the beach is HERE.


It is of no coincidence that the long and spread beach of Brexiza has been awarded continuously over the last 10 years with a Blue Flag. The long beach of Brexiza in Nea Makri was named after the homonymous archaeological site – a temple dedicated to the Egyptian Gods – and is an excellent choice for a quick visit with the children. Sandy and comfortable it takes you on a journey to exotic places with the impressive palm trees that cool everybody with their shade.

The beach is crossed by a large pedestrian street, where it is worth walking or cycling. See where the beach is by clicking HERE.

Mikro Kavouri

Five beautiful beaches in Attica with shallow waters

A beach that will give you the best impressions of the Mikro Kavouri area. From the moment you get out of your house in Athens, you’ll be there in almost no time. And you’ll enjoy the shallow water, the games in the sand and the shade of the trees. Kavouri district is an organized beach and has as nice bonus which is the wonderful sunset; it is located in the area of Vouliagmeni and you can find it easily

See HERE the beach and how to approach it.