A unique Christmas setting in Santa Claus Kingdom

Every Christmas, for the last 8 years, the Frozen Kingdom takes shape and invites you to live a fairy tale. Santa Claus’s Kingdom opened its doors again in Paiania this year and takes you to the mood of the most beautiful celebration of the year.

Where is the Frozen Kingdom? You will find it in the covered exhibition area of MEC Paianias in an area of 13,000 sq.m. This year and for the first time, it was extended to the outdoor areas of the exhibition centre as well.

What you will see

What makes the Santa Claus Kingdom stand out from the rest of the Christmas parks is that it has four thematic zones. So you’re not just going to go and see Santas, reindeer and elves. Fireflies, polar bears and rooms with puzzles and games are each located in its own space.

The four thematic zones

Ice Country. There you will see huge icebergs, penguins, polar bears, waterfalls and igloo. Which is exactly what you would see in a frozen country.

The Enchanted Forest. That’s where you’ll see exactly what the title says. Fairies hanging out with fireflies and magic trees beside rivers.

The Magic Castle State. It is one of the most interactive areas of the park. In the Frozen Kingdom, children will enter a real castle, full of rooms, puzzles and labyrinths. A dream hall of the throne awaits them there, as it is called.

Santa’s Village from Rovaniemi. This is where the whole original Christmas scene is gathered. A unique representation of the real village, which includes the reindeer stable, the post office and the toy factory.

Children’s concerts, theatrical performances, musical events and Christmas fairy tales entertain children. In every corner, you will also see jugglers, stilts and magicians! One thing is enough: Belief in the magic of Christmas.

How to get to MEC Paianias

Santa Claus Kingdom is located at 301 Lavrio Avenue. It is also directly accessible via the Attica highway at Exit 17 in Kanja. There is also a free transfer from the Metro, in Duchess of Placentia station, on specific dates. The Coach from Duchess of Placentia station will be there on weekends and daily from the 24th of December to the 5th of January.

Ticket prices in the Frozen Kingdom

  • SANTA All Day Pass for Kids: 15 euros
  • SANTA All Day Pass for Adults: 9 euros
  • Special prices for unemployed and those having many children.