Spread sandy beach with crystal clear and shallow waters

If you want to make a pleasant one-day getaway from Athens and among other things to have a few dives to cool off, Evia is a very good case. Because there you will find beaches for all tastes. From small beaches to large shores that offer you the opportunity for swimming away from the crowds. One such case is the beach of Drosia or otherwise beach of Alykes. An hour away is this vast exotic beach that will offer you very pleasant moments just a few kilometers away from Athens.

The beach of Drosia is located only 7 km from Chalkida and you will be impressed by its length and waters. It’s a vast exotic beach with turquoise waters and light sand that will make you think you’re somewhere abroad. The scenery is impressive and the images from above are witnessed in the best way.

In addition, we are talking about a completely kids friendly beach as the waters are very clean and shallow. So children can enjoy playing in the sand and you can also enjoy swimming in the cool waters. The beach of Drosia or Alykes is an organized beach and for this reason, gathers many people, however, it is so spread and long beach that you can find easily somewhere to sit either in the organized part of the beach or in another spot.

How to get to the exotic beach of Drosia

The beach of Drosia is only an hour away from Athens and specifically 70 km. You can see exactly where this beach is. In fact, it is located in the homonymous town which is near Chalkida. From the beach, you will enjoy an impressive and relaxing view to Mount Cantili while the sunset is equally impressive.

The fact that it is so close to Athens will save you time and money on fuel that you can spend them by eating fresh fish in the area. You will be guaranteed to be happy with the prices and quality you will enjoy.

For your next weekend trip, check out the map of exactly where it is, prepare your things, and visit this exotic beach of Evia.

To get a taste of what you are going to see, watch the video from youtube’s Haanity channel.