Things to know before visiting

Here is all you need to know about your first trip to Athens

If you want to visit Athens and need some kind of visa, it would be a good idea to visit the local authorities of the Greek state in your country of residence.

Do you know that there are limits for certain types of products? Do you need to declare how much cash you have with you or pay a tax on them?

Keep with you, yours country personal papers (driving license, passport-ID, student ID). So you can hire anything you want to or take advantage of free entry.

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Money & Credit Cards

Exchanging your money in Greece and paying methods

Once you arrive at the airport, you will find at the arrivals area, desks to convert your money into Euros. Which is Greece’s National currency. You will also find a lot of exchanges at different points in the city you are going to move.

In Greece, card payments (credit-debit) are particularly popular in recent years, especially they accept the cards from most countries of the world.

Personal bank checks are not particularly popular in many stores so in this way you may meet some difficulties.

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Shopping Hours

A nice shopping experience until late at the night

In the center of Athens and in most areas there are shops for shopping, food, coffee or drink. In tourist areas the shops remain open the whole week even Sunday, from morning till 23:00 at the night.

You will find many malls, which remain open from Monday until Friday from 09:00 in the morning until 21:00 in the evening and Saturday usually until 20:00 in the afternoon.

Traditional local stores hours are Monday-Wednesday-Saturday from 08:30 to 15:00 and Tuesday-Thursday-Friday from 08:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00.

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Ways to visit the historical center

Many ways to explore the historic center of Athens looks incredible

In Athens, the magical historic center will fascinate you, from the narrow alleyways of Plaka to Acropolis, you can move on foot in the whole center to have a better view because usually the weather is ideal.

However, if you do not like walking, you can board a taxi, a tourist bus, even if a Segway. You can also rent a private vehicle with a private guide, or maybe the hotel you will choose may cooperate with a licensed guide. Whatever you choose the center of Athens is incredible in all seasons.

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Top 5 jewellery gifts worth shopping

Greek Jewellery makers will craft the best jewelry for you

In the Athenian market you can find, admire and buy jewellery, gold and silver, crafted based on the Mycenaean period and generally on Ancient Greece but also the Byzantine period.

Also in the historic center of the Town you can find hand crafted jewels which represent different animal heads, combined with rubys and gold. Greece has many capable jewellery makers especially in Athens center.

Every visitor who loves jewels and visit Athens always finds and buys the suitable handcrafted jewellery for him. So do not miss the chance for yours.

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Top 5 Athens Monuments

You should not miss any of the 5 wonderful monuments

On the cliff of the acropolis, it is located the most important and majestic mosque of the ancient city, dedicated to goddess Athena, you should visit anyway.

The second must see place is the Temple of Hephaestus, known as “Thissio”, is one of the best preserved ancient temple.

The Sanctuary of Zeus Olympus, one of the most important and ancient sanctuaries of Athens.

Incorporated by the first modern Olympic Games, the Panathenaic Stadium, is one of the most important monuments of Athens.

Lycabettus is the hill of Athens over Kolonaki, it is the second highest point of the Athens basin and rises to 277 meters above sea level.

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