Public Transportation operating hours

Athens’ public means of transportation for every need

The city of Athens is a wonderful lively city and its public means of transportation operate accordingly to cover the needs of both locals and tourists.

For your transportation in Athens, you can choose buses, trams, trolley, metro, train or taxis. It is important that there is a service for the whole of Attica, many of which are performed 24 hours a day to serve the needs of the visitors and the locals of Athens.

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Getting the basic network

Go around Athens using the public means of transportation

If you visit Athens, it is very important to know how to use the city’s means of transportation.

The Athens transportation network covers a wide variety of routes within the city combining different means: the urban buses, the yellow trolley buses, the Athens Metro, the suburban railway and the tram.

Also, you can buy tickets from all metro and train stations and get an Athens metro map for free.

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Getting to the Center from the Airport

Getting from Athens Airport to the city center in short time

Ιf you decide to travel to Athens by airplane, you need to know that there are several ways to get to the city center quickly from Athens International Airport.

Many taxis will will be waiting for you or you can use the Athens Metro, the Suburban Railway or the bus X95, which will take you directly to the center of Athens.

You can choose your way of transportation in the city according to your budget.

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Getting Around Attica

Discover the stunning Greece via bus or train

Undoubtedly, Greece is a stunning country, with many gorgeous places to visit. So, travelling in the mainland of Greece you will discover many wonderful destinations.

The National Railway System and the long-distance bus services, such as KTEL can take you around Attica and the rest of mainland Greece, comfortably and at very low prices.

The departure points of these means of transportation are located conveniently in the center of Athens.

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Getting a rental car

Rent a car to explore the beautiful Attica

If you visit Athens and you want to see its sights and beauties, you can use public transport. However, if you would like to visit other parts of Attica or other towns and villages around her then is a really good idea to rent a car.

Upon your arrival in Attica you can find car rental companies located at the arrivals section of the Athens International Airport.

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