How to Get to Andros

Andros, an island easy to reach, quite close to Athens

The island of Andros is easily accessible by ferry from the port of Rafina, on the north eastern side of Attica. There is no airport in Andros and the closest one is the International Airport of Athens. There are frequent buses from Athens airport to Rafina and the bus trip takes about 30-40 min.

Ferries to Andros depart 3 or 4 times per day and they also connect Andros with other islands of the Cyclades, such as Tinos and Mykonos. Alternatively, tourists can arrive in the Airport of Mykonos that receives many foreign charter flights in the summer, apart from domestic flights.

From Mykonos, there are daily ferries to Andros island and other Greek islands. In the high summer season, we recommend that you call ahead of time to book your spot on the ferries, especially if you’re driving a car or scooter. Spaces fill up fast! Additionally, check ferry schedules frequently as they might adjust and change according to daily weather conditions and seasons.

About Andros

Andros: An island combining culture and nature at a stone’s throw away from Athens

Andros, the second-largest and northernmost island of the Cyclades group, has a great naval tradition and no landscapes like the postcards from the typical Cycladic island: apart from the sandy beaches, there are rocky coastlines, mountain ranges alternating with fertile plains, lush vegetation and abundantly flowing streams. Andros is definitely worth a visit, not solely for its close proximity to Athens.

The handsome main town of Chora, also known as Andros, is a ship-owners’ enclave packed with neoclassical mansions. Flights of stairs, a spacious square with trees, narrow alleys, remarkable churches and museums, shops, cafes and restaurants, give Chora its distinct character.

At 16 km west of Chora lies Paleopolis that used to be the ancient capital of Andros, having prospered from the classical to the late Roman times. Andros can also satisfy the tastes of the culturally minded tourist, thanks to the variety and high level of its museums.

The internationally acknowledged Museum of Modern Art, managed by the Vasilis and Eliza Goulandris Foundation, houses unique collections of paintings and sculptures, whereas in the archaeological museums in Chora and Paleopolis you will discover the ancient history of the island.

Getting around Andros

Discover the beauties of Andros by bus, car, bike or even water taxis

So you have arrived at Gavrio, Andros’ port and you are wondering how to move around. A useful advice is to initially hire one of the local Taxis to “show you the way”. After you get your bearings, renting a car or moped is advisable as bus services are limited and the island is too big to reach all the places of interest on foot. Cars, bikes and bicycles are available for hire in the main villages of Gavrio, Batsi and Chora.

Taxis are also available in all three villages but mainly operate from the ferry port. Some of the beaches can be reached by water taxis that connect all the popular beaches on the west coast and local travel agents will organize daily excursions for a price. A great island for walkers, in Andros there have been recorded over 25 hiking trails of varying difficulty that, both experienced and novice hikers can enjoy.

Getting the Bus in Andros

Andros buses are cheap and reliable, covering major villages

The local bus service in Andros is cheap and reliable and fortunately gets more organized in the summer months. The Gavrio-Chora circular runs quite often especially at the times of ferries’ arrivals and departures. So upon your arrival at the port of Gavrio, check the local KTEL bus connection routes to Batsi, Korthi and Chora.

There are many itineraries throughout the day from Chora to Batsi and Gavrio and all the way back offering visitors the chance to sit back, relax and admire the scenery. The route from Gavrio to Batsi lasts 15 minutes, while from Gavrio to Chora about 40 min., however for the most isolated beaches and other destinations, it is wiser to use your own vehicle to enjoy the most of Andros. The local bus service also reaches other Andros villages but keep in mind that those routes are not as frequent.