Andros is a paradise for the visitors with a sweet tooth

Judging by the number of pastry shops in Andros, the locals must really love desserts! Andros’ typical traditional desserts are the ‘amigdalota’, made with almond paste, honey and rose water, the “kaltsounia”, a mixture of nuts, honey and spices wrapped in phyllo dough, “pastelia” with  sesame or walnuts, pasterlaries (dried figs with ground walnuts and sesame) and of course “spoon sweets” made with lemon flowers, bergamot, walnuts and other fruits and berries.

Do not be surprised if you hear the people of Andros Island referring to mille-feuille, nougat and other international desserts as local Andriot sweets. In the past the captains, sailors and travelers when returning to the island brought with them various sweets from their trips, contributing in the creation of a dessert making tradition in Andros. A true legend in Andros’ pastry making is Dimitris Galanos who learned the art of pastry making in the famous patisserie “The Athenian” in Alexandria, Egypt and then brought the knowhow to the island.