The blue waters and the rock – the landmarks of the beach

Most beaches in Greece are known for their crystal clear waters and golden sand that make you enjoy a unique swimming experience. Some of them may give you the best impressions of something you didn’t expect to see there. For example, a Greek beach with impressive waterfalls. We are talking about the beach of Ligres in Crete and specifically in Rethymno.

Ligres in Rethymno, Crete, is a long beach with coarse sand and fantastic deep waters. It may have relatively difficult access, but in the end, it rewards you. This means that, at the same time, it has kept away the intense tourist traffic. It is thus, rightly so, one of the most beautiful and calm beaches on the island. It is a beach that is not particularly organized, but there are rooms in the western part, where a paved road exists.

Ligkres (or Ligres) can be found about 51 km south of Rethymno and below the village of Agia Paraskevi, at the foot of the impressive Mount Siderotas. It is essentially the central part of the beach that the locals call Akumiani Gialia. The most impressive of all, however, is the point where the beach ends in the west.

There are impressive waterfalls that pour their water directly on the beach and have water all year round. You will have the opportunity to admire the wonderful geological formations and the water-eaten soil in the area of Xiromilia. Somewhere there, stands the huge red rock of Ligkres, a trademark of the beach.

Then again, if you love walking, it is worth following the route along the beach to Triopetra and enjoy the unique scenery.

The unknown Greek beach with its impressive waterfalls

Rethymno, a jewel in Crete

Protected by the White Mountains and Mount Psiloritis, Rethymno is a city in the heart of Crete. It is a city full of colours and aromas that stay engraved in the memory of every visitor.

As soon as you get there, it immediately gets to you by the special environment, the primordial history and the excellent Cretan hospitality. The trip to Rethymno is a sure choice. Romantic, with beauties that seduce the senses, Rethymno has one of the most well-preserved Renaissance settlements in Europe, with the walls of Fortezza dominating all over the enchanting old town.

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