A rare phenomenon you won’t find easily elsewhere

Exploring Greece, we discover a bunch of hidden treasures. Especially in summer, we are faced with landscapes of unparalleled beauty, beaches and coastlines. Such a small and special diamond is a beach that looks like a natural swimming pool and still has a unique feature. The way it’s created by nature makes it… foam and turn white like milk. Its name is not accidental, after all, since the beach is called Gala and is located in Pano Koufonisi.

Gala is a geological phenomenon, with the sea passing under a large rock and coming out on the other side foaming, where the small hidden beach is. The beach is named after the white colour of calcium that the gravel leaves in its waters. Also, another theory states that its name comes from the foam of the white waves as they enter the cave.

This unique beach can be found in Pano Koufonisi in Smaller Eastern Cyclades Islands. There you will have the opportunity to admire a rare sight and realize once again how beautiful our country is. The senses, not unfairly, bow to the incredible natural beauty. The famous Gala is the hidden secret of the island that is worth looking for if happen to be there.

You’ll find it near the famous Pori.Pori is the most remote beach, about 4 km from Chora and it is a long sandy beach with impressive turquoise waters. Shortly after Pori, in the northeast of the island, there is a path that leads to Gala beach. You’d better ask a local in order to find it so you don’t get lost and waste your time. A dive in the blue waters of the hidden beach will compensate you for walking, but the space is so small that it is probably not suitable for large groups.

The impressive beach that... foams like milk!

Escape to Koufonisia

Gala beach may be one of the most impressive beaches in Pano Koufonisi but both islands have even more to offer you. Koufonisia is a cluster of two small islands which are separated by a small strait 200 meters wide. Pano Koufonisi is the smaller one, the most densely populated island of the Cyclades Complex and is the most developed in tourism, since Kato Koufonisi is almost uninhabited.

The impressive beach that... foams like milk!1

The crystal clear waters and the golden beaches will surely be unforgettable to you. And you will promise yourself to come back very soon…

Photo Source: Koufonisia – Keros