A quiet beach with natural shade and tranquility

If you think you have exhausted all the nearby beaches in Athens then you probably need to explore Attica and the surrounding places a little more. For example, you may not know that there is an unknown beach that almost always has very few people and you can enjoy a quiet Sunday swim there. The reason is Almyra beach only an hour away from Athens. There you will find shallow and clear waters and almost minimal people.

Almyra, the unknown beach an hour away from Athens

Almyra is a quiet beach near Alepohori, after Mavrolimni. A spread out sandy beach, not particularly large, with fine pebbles, it has everything you need on your one-day trip. It’s an organized beach in one part of it. However, if you prefer something freer, then you should have with you all that you will need, such as umbrellas, and a cooler with water and something that you want to eat.

Almyra Beach is a very beautiful bay that extends over a long length and will offer you the peace you want, without having to be too close with the other swimmers. Besides, it is relatively unknown so not many people gather there Once you get there, you’ll park very easily, even if it’s a weekend, and you can choose where to sit.

If you don’t have an umbrella, the trees on the edge of the beach can give you their shade. It’s got a lot, and I’m sure one of them won’t be occupied.

The unknown beach with a few people an hour away from Athens1

How to get to Almyra Beach

The unknown beach of Almyra, which is an hour away from Athens, is located next to the village of Schinos. Access to it, is very easy if you move by the coast road for few kilometers after Alepohori. Just before you reach the beach and while you are moving on the country road you will have the opportunity to see panoramically the whole beach. So you’ll get a first taste of where you’re going to take your dips.

one thing is certain that on this beach you will enjoy diving in clear waters and avoid crowding. Are you thinking of something better for your next excursion?

See exactly where Almyra Beach is by clicking HERE.

External photography source: Google Maps