The isolated beach that is an experience in itself

Evia is the perfect choice if you want to find a clean beach with crystal clear waters and fluffy sand. Most of them are shallow and you can enjoy your swimming from morning to evening. Some of these beaches are special and stay etched in your mind for a long time. One of these beaches is the twin beach of lovers, Agios Vasilios. A beach with turquoise waters and golden sand shinning under the sun. It is a quiet and deserted beach and that’s why they call it the beach of lovers.

The twin beach of lovers in Evia

Agios Vasilios is a beach relatively unknown to many. They call it a twin because it’s actually a strip of sand on both sides of the beach. Its characteristic is that on one side it is windy and on the other it is calm. You can choose to take a swim wherever you want according to your taste.

It is not, of course, an organized beach, so if you want to sit for hours, you have to have all the necessities with you. However, because you will have to walk to be on the beach it is good not to carry many things because you will get tired on the way back. However, despite all the difficulties, you will be rewarded by the waters and the view offered by this beach.

How to get to Agios Vasilios beach

The beach of Agios Vassiliou is located near the bustling and famous beach of Agia Anna in North Evia. See Here here exactly where it is. Once you arrive by car, you will need to walk about 15 minutes on a dirt road to reach it.

That’s because the place where you leave your car is about 700 meters away from the beach. The route and the view you see when you go out on the beach will shock you so you will forget any fatigue.

Remember that difficult access does not make the beach ideal for children. They can, however, reach the beach by sea. In any case there are many beaches in Evia ideal for children that you can choose from. The beach of lovers is ideal for couples and groups…

See from above the stunning images of the beach through the video of the Haanity channel on Youtube…