One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is located in Greece

The Greek coastline is full of beautiful beaches with exotic turquoise waters and golden sand shining under the hot sun. There you can enjoy diving in crystal clear waters and gazing at the endless blue. A beach that definitely stands out not only in Greece but also all over the world is the famous beach Simos in Elafonisos. A sandy beach less than a mile and a half in which no matter how many people gather, it seems not to fill up. Turquoise waters and white sand make up a landscape that reminds you of an exotic destination.

Simos: A dream beach with turquoise waters

The beach of Simos is actually a large strip of white sand in which you can swim and think you are part of a painting. It is a unique beauty exotic landscape in the Mediterranean and for this reason, it has stood out all over the world. It is located on the south side of Elafonissos and only 4 km from the settlement of the island. Across it is Kythera.

The beach of Simos also has in some parts pink sand which is a rare phenomenon all over the world. This, of course, is due to the elements found in the rich underwater area of the beach, the red corals and the thousands of colorful shells. As you can see, the scene being created is dreamy.

Everything you want to know

Simos beach can be reached by car but there are also small boat routes from the old port of Elafonissos. Part of it is organized but on such a large beach that you can put your umbrella wherever you want. Even in front of the wave without any problem at all. It is a typical example of a beach that even on the 15th of August you will not feel that there is overcrowding.

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Simos is the beach worth staying there until the evening. The experience of the starry sky is incomparable to what you have experienced so far.

If you’re a camping fan then you can enjoy this beach. The evening swimming experience is also something you will never forget.

Photo Source: Video of the Haanity on Youtube.