An idyllic landscape of wild beauty

Exploring the places near Athens, you will discover treasures all around. Especially in the summer, treasures, and beaches that you didn’t even imagine exist so close to your house. But if you discover them, you’ll surely become a fanatical visitor. Beaches isolated, with an idyllic scenery that fascinates you. One such beach is located just an hour and a half away from Athens and is called Lakazeza. At some point the accessing to the beach is difficult and that’s why is unknown and unexplored.

Lakazeza, the unexplored beach 1.5 hours away from Athens

Lakazeza is not a long beach and of course not organized. But it is certainly a miracle of nature. Hidden well in a pine-covered area. It is located in the area of Loutraki and is quite protected.

Lakazeza : The unexplored blue-green beach 1.5 hours from Athens

Photo Source: Google Maps

Lakazeza beach is located near the beach of Mylokopi which is best known in the area. See HERE exactly where it. Once you pass a difficult pine path (ideally needs 4X4) you will enjoy a beach of wild beauty and unparalleled views. The fact that it is not very easily accessible makes it unexplored and you can enjoy this beauty more privately.

Take your friends or your mate and dare to do this one-day trip. We don’t recommend it for kids because they’re probably going to get tired. Make sure you have water and food with you. There is nothing available around.

If you haven’t been to Mylokopi beach then we recommend you start with it. You can read more about it HERE.

What is certain is that you will enjoy, crystal clear and turquoise waters that will give you a sense that you are on an island of the Ionian Sea. And yet Lakazeza beach is just one of the beaches close to Athens. And to be exact: It is one of the beaches-diamonds!

External photography source: Google Maps