You want to go for a swim in Attica,so you won’t go too far and not spend too much. But… There’s one but… You think (which is probably true) that you keep going to the same beach you want something different. Something that reminds you of an island or something more private. What if we told you this different thing exists? You are going to pack the beach bag, right? Such a small beach is found in Attica and it is called Tsonima. You’ll find it in eastern Attica, somewhere in Keratea, and the sure thing is that you won’t just go once. It’s going to be your little secret that you probably don’t want to share with anyone.

Chonima, a beach – dream in Attica

Tsonima beach is one of the many nice and small beaches that you will find in Keratea if you have the patience to make a few stops and explore the most hidden beaches. In this case, you won’t have to search , we will tell you exactly where it is and what you’re going to meet there.

Tsonima is a small beach with , crystal clear waters flanked by rocks. As soon as you arrive you will see a beautiful sandy beach with sand (and lots of shells) and some trees for shade. Of course, we’re not talking about an organized beach so you have to go there organized. But on such a well knowing and alternative beach , that’s a secret for the locals, we don’t mind that.

All you want to do is make room for your umbrella and towel. Sit down and enjoy the sun and the sea. And even better to enjoy the sunset by playing with the many shells that the particular sand has. Are you thinking of something better so close to your house?

Tsonima: The well knowing small beach of Attica

Photo Source: Google Maps

How to get to Chonima Beach

The time it’s going to take you to Go to Chonima is as long as you go to Keratea. I mean, about an hour. Surely the image you will see and the waters you will enjoy (especially if you do not fall into south wind ) will make you think you are much further away. It’s a beach you won’t have a hard time finding. To see exactly where the small chonima beach is Located you can press HERE. If you’ve been to Bromopusi (or Kalopigado) You won’t have a hard time finding it while its there on the road ahead. As for parking, make sure you’re a little early there if you go on a Sunday to find a good place there on the side of the road.

So if you haven’t found a beach for your next outing, one has just been put on your list.

Tip: Once you’ve finished your swim, look around the settlements for a traditional tavern to complete your trip!