We often judge a place, a beach and an attraction by its name. In the case of the beach “Kakia thalassa” this is not indicative because it is something completely different from what we hear. The beach of kakia thalassa in Attica is a sandy beach that you will enjoy a relaxed swim in shallow waters and you will cool yourself few kilometers outside Athens. It’s an ideal nearby destination that will make you have a good time even for a daily excursion.

kakia thalassa, a good beach in Attica

The kakia thalassa is an organized beach and one of the most famous in southeastern Attica. This means that it is preferable, perhaps, to go weekdays or even on a Saturday as more people gather on Sundays. The sandy beach of kakia thalassa is ideal for water games and carefree moments in the shallows waters. Just what they want, young and old.

It is a natural aquatic beauty that you can find without leaving far from your home. The area on the beach offers its guests an alternative. A sporting activity that is none other than… climbing, in one of the best climbing fields that meets near Athens!

If you’re a fan of climbing, choose a day that’s not particularly hot and take the right equipment with you. The field is suitable for climbing and is in the shade from morning until noon. These are the hours when anyone wishing to attempt climbing must do so, i.e. before the sun hits “hot”. To make it easier to locate this beach, if you’ve never been here before, you can click HERE and see Google Maps.

Photo Source: Google Maps

What the legend of kakia thalassa

The kakia thalassa (or Bad Sea) draws its name from Greek mythology and the willingness of the god Zeus to help the Greeks in the war against the barbarian conquerors, causing, with the… mediation of Poseidon, huge waves which literally swallowed the fleet of the enemies.

What interests you is that you will have a good time and enjoy your swim in clear waters and have a beautiful one-day excursion. External photography source: Google Maps