Turquoise waters so close to Athens

Just a few kilometers outside Attica you may have the opportunity to enjoy swimming on beaches that will be unforgettable. Their common characteristic? Blue and crystal clear waters, golden sand or fine pebbles. You can arrive quickly and swim even on a one-day trip. The distance from Athens, after all, helps with this. Such a beach is also a hidden beach in Loutraki. It is Sterna. A small and beautiful sandy beach where you will enjoy unique moments of joy and relaxation. The images you see from above will convince you of that.

Sterna, then, is a hidden and unknown paradise that if you discover it the sure thing is that you will go there often, not only on weekends but also on weekdays. Sterna is an isolated and calm beach that is actually formed by a natural and small bay. It is not of course an organized beach so you have to have all the necessities together. And because you may want to stay until the evening we suggest (we did the same) to take with you a cooler with water, fruit, and food. Your impressions will be great.

On the hidden beach of Loutraki you will find turquoise waters and fluffy sand. So if you want to go family, the sure thing is that the kids will enjoy the same as you. The waters are also crystal clear and if you go early in the morning you will find any spot you want to put your umbrella.

How to get to Sterna Beach

Access to the beach is not difficult. See here exactly where it is. To go to Sterna beach, after passing Perachora after Loutraki you will follow the road that leads to Sterna. Remember that the road to Sterna for less than a kilometer is a dirt road. But you won’t have a problem because it’s passable for conventional cars.

Towards the end you will need to walk a few meters on foot. The images you’re going to see will excite you. You must think you’re on an island, but you’ll actually be just a few miles from home. It’s not bad, is it? We’re waiting for your impressions!

Until then get a glimpse from above through the NitZ Photography channel video on Youtube.