The favorite Cycladic island for all types of travelers

Naxos is one of the most beloved islands of the Cyclades and it is no coincidence that every year it is chosen by travelers of all kinds. In its beautiful and shallow beaches, you will see from families with children to couples and groups. Everyone will find a way to have a good time and the desire to come back again. Besides the beautiful beaches, Naxos also has mountain villages to visit and sights to see. It also stands out for its gastronomy which is based on its local products. Are you thinking of something better for a summer or even autumn getaway? Chora and its picturesque alleys are waiting for you.

Naxos Town has left its mark over time. It is enchanting by many legends, heroes, traditions, and stories. In various historical phases, the city received significant influences, from the Mycenaean era, the Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and Turkish occupations, shaping its special character. And this combined with the modern way of life and the tourist infrastructure creates the perfect conditions to enjoy your time.

The city travels you between the past and the present. This can be seen from the sights surrounding it. Portara is the trademark of the city and the whole of Naxos. As well as the Venetian castle which dominates the center of the city prides itself, and at the same time stands an undying guard.

The characteristic of Chora is the narrow labyrinthic alleys in the old town around the castle. This creates a different feeling by transporting visitors who will explore it to other times.

When you visit Chora you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, some food, coffee, deserts or drink. An interesting element is a market, which is scattered in the numerous narrow alleys of the old town and there are several kinds of shops, clothes jewelry, and souvenirs.

Photo Source: Heiko Gorski

Of the many beautiful places of Naxos, you should definitely visit the iconic “Portara” at the edge of the port and swim to the best beach, Agios Prokopis, which is located about 5 km from the Town.


The beaches of Naxos are for all tastes. Sandy and shallow, cosmopolitan and isolated, small, or spread, you will surely find the one that will charm you. And there aren’t a few of them. Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, and Plaka are the most famous and will surely leave you perfectly happy. But try the other alternatives such as Little Vigla and Alykos. You’ll agree with us…

Naxos, the country, and its alleys are waiting for you with the promise that they amaze you…

External photography source: Flickr