An exotic destination in Halkidiki

The long coastline of Greece always gives you opportunities to travel and think you are in an exotic destination. Blue or turquoise waters and white sand or pebbles make up the images on the various Greek beaches of the island or mainland. Some of these beaches stand out with confidence not only in Greece but also around the world. Such a beach of unique beauty that is often called Hawaii is located in Halkidiki. Its the Lefki beach, its sand gives you a sense of purity. The images from above speak for themselves.

The Lefki beach is located, as we said in Halkidiki and specifically at the2nd foot. Sithonia, where it’s full of beautiful landscapes and crystal beaches. Somewhere there, is the well-known small island Diaporos. A small diamond of northern Greece. Just across the street from Vourvourou. In this heavenly place is the Lefki beach.

As soon as you reach the Lefki beach you will see the unique scenery with white sand, shallow and crystal clear waters, and beautiful rocks that compose an image like a painting. You’ll swim in shallow and transparent waters that will make you think you’re in some exotic destination. But you’re actually going to be in one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Lefki is a place that will surely stay in your mind when you get there and it will be on your list of favorite destinations.

How to get to the beach of Halkidiki that looks like an exotic destination

To find yourself on the Lefki beach that looks like Hawaii you will need to rent a boat from the nearby Vourvourou beach of Sithonia. What’s certain is that you’ll feel like you’re taking a swim in heaven. The same is happening with most beaches in Halkidiki.

It is no coincidence that every year it is a favorite destination for Greek and foreign visitors from all over the world. The images you will see from above are impressive and are from the Haanity channel on Youtube.