It is one of the most famous autumn and winter destinations in Greece. And one of the most beloved. Every year visitors from all over Greece arrive there who want to spend some quite and relaxing moments in nature. Apart from the fact, however, that it is a particularly famous destination, it stands out for something else that many do not know. This famous part of Greece is unknown when it was created! And while for most villages there is an exact date of establishment, for this village the date is completely unknown. It is Zarouchla!

Zarouchla is the jewel of Achaia and of Peloponnese  (on the border with Corinthia) and stands imposing at just over 1,000 meters altitude. There, on the southeastern slopes of Aroanion, you can admire this gem of nature that generously fill you with beautiful images and sounds. It is a village with few inhabitants but many visitors mainly from Athens. It is also quite close, that it makes it the best solution for the weekend.

Apart from the green landscapes and the beautiful walking trails, there is something else you learn when you reach the village. That no one knows when it was created! We can only speculate. The two temples that exist in the village help us in this. One is from the 12th and the other is from the 13th century. Nothing, however, indicates whether the village was inhabited earlier and especially how much earlier! The temple, however, reveals that Zarouchla was inhabited during the Frankish occupation.

Photo: Georgikopoulos Manolis – Work of the one who uploads it, CC BY-SA 4.0

What you’re going to see and what you’re going to do in Zarouchla

What’s certain is that you’ll fill your lungs with fresh air and you are going to charge your batteries. Zarouchla, one of the Kloukinochoria as it is called, promises to steal your heart with its natural beauty. I’m sure your trip there won’t be just one time. Every time we visit it, we can’t get enough of the walks in the surrounding magical locations and the long hanging out in the village square. You enter for a few 24 hours in the rhythms of a mountainous, provincial settlement and relax while enjoying the scenery.