Take a tour of a Santorini winery for a true taste of its viniculture

SANTORINI TOURS: Santorini’s unique soil composition, a true volcanic gift, combined with the microclimate conditions of low rainfall but high humidity, form the canvas on which local vine varieties such as Asyrtiko, Nyhteri, Vinsanto, emanate their best qualities. While in Santorini don’t miss the experience of an interesting tour in the most important wineries of the island, to discover the secrets of the wines that conquered the world, guided by local oenologists with years of experience.

Walk inside an ancient vineyard and learn about the ancient vine cultivation techniques, like the famous “kouloura”, brought on the island by the Phoenicians millenniums ago. Learn about traditional and modern winemaking techniques while tasting famous white wines such as Santorini PDO (Protected Destination of Origin), the young and very refreshing crispy white wine, Nychteri, the traditional aged dry wine of Santorini that was made only in the night with the distinctive barrel flavor and of course the well-known Vinsanto, the dessert sweet wine that will fill your palate with the flavor of caramel and raisins.