Donkey rides: a controversial means of…transport in Santorini

SANTORINI TOURS: Until a few decades ago, the only way you could get from the Old Port of Santorini to the main town of Fira on the volcanic edge, was by donkey up the steep zig-zag path. Then the cable car came along to make the climb a lot easier. But many people still prefer the donkey climb, as a taste of past times.

Riding a donkey up the steep hairpin bends isn’t as easy as it looks. There’s an experienced donkey hand leading the reins to keep the animal stable. But the donkey sways anyway, and you have to hang onto the saddle. A donkey ride up or down the cliff averages about 5 euros, depending on the weight carried.

However, animal welfare groups and even some cruise lines strongly urge travellers not to use the donkey “taxis” because the animals toil in poor working conditions and have been subjected to abuse and mistreatment by their handlers. Get this Donkey tour in Santorini. It’s fun!

Ride a donkey in Fira