Messaria is the center of Santorini’s viniculture with a distinct architecture

Messaria, in a nutshell, is vineyard country. A small quaint village 4km southeast of Fira that dates back to the 17th century, while in the 19th century it was the industrial center of the island, awash with cave houses and mansions.

Today Messaria has a different sense of beauty, exuding a classy atmosphere. The monumental manor houses of Argyros, Markezinis and Saliveros, which still stand on the village, are the landmarks of Messaria for their distinct architecture and style.

A visit to one of the two wineries in the area is highly recommended for an ultimate wine tasting experience, as Santorini boasts a long wine-making tradition and fine wine varieties thanks to the volcanic soil. The wineries promise memorable flavors and aromas.

There are various hotels and apartments for every budget. This pretty lively and friendly village has also got many shops, super markets, restaurants, cafes and other amenities. What adds to its beauty is the fact that it is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

How to get to Messaria Town