Karterados is a peaceful scenic village in the heart of Santorini

Karterados lies almost at the centre of Santorini, approximately 2 km from Fira. It is a village dating back to the 17th century and in the 19th century was a glorious, prosperous settlement where sea captains built their stately homes. It overlooks a large green valley with vineyards and the east shores of the island.

Its main road leads to Karterados or Exo Gialos beach, a remote beach with black volcanic pebbles and dark blue, crystal-clear waters. Today Karterados is a peaceful, scenic village with interesting architecture. Walking along its quaint, paved alleys you see the traditional, old cave houses built beside a ravine.

At  the central square there is a beautiful windmill and a memorial plaque for the victims of World War II. There are also some nice restaurants, cafes, a supermarket and a traditional bakery with truly mouth-watering products. Accommodation choices are plenty, with a variety of villas for rent, hotels and apartments.

How to get to Karterados Settlement