Impressive rock formations and blue water in a unique global attraction

There are classic Greek beaches with their clear water and white or golden sand and pebbles that offer you coolness and relaxation. And there are those beaches that if you swim there once, it becomes a life experience. This is because you do not come across similar images easily, not only in Greece, but all over the world. One of them is the Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia) where you actually swim on the edge of a volcano. And where can you find it? In the magical Santorini of course.

Red Beach in Santorini is definitely not a beautiful beach in the classical sense of the term. You won’t see exotic, transparent waters and fluffy white sand that are the best backdrop for dreamy photos. But you can’t help but be riveted by the image you’re going to see as you set foot on it. Red rocks and red sand that contrasts with the shocking blue of the sea and enchants you. The colour, of course, is due to lava monoliths from the volcano. Being there, let alone swimming on the edge of a volcano, is no small of an experience. Therefore, apart from a special beach, it is also considered a unique attraction worldwide.

When you swim there, you may feel that in some places the water is hot and this is due to the hot springs that exist in the sea. They make you want to stay there for hours staring at the volcanic landscape. And again, the images you will see, if you go there more than once, do not remain the same, since nature continues its work yearly. The wind, rain and sea continue to change the formations on the rocks.

Of course, you should know and imagine that in such a popular and not particularly long beach, it is almost impossible for you to be alone, despite the occasional instructions for non-attendance due to the danger of the rocks. It has some umbrellas and sunbeds and some space if you want to bring your own equipment.

How to get to the Red Beach

Photo Source: Google Maps

The beach is close to the archaeological site of Akrotiri and you can see here the exact spot to approach it although it is safer to go by boat.

Important: The Municipality had previously issued a notice banning the crossing of the beach so before you visit it, it would be better for you to know and ask as to what applies.