Golden beaches and blue waters combined

We have said many times that some parts of Greece can be easily compared to the most impressive exotic destinations. Strangely enough, they, in fact, have the same name. For example, did you know that Greece has its own beautiful and exotic Bali? Yet it exists and is located in Crete. And who wouldn’t want to dive into an exotic Bali taking the plane from Athens and getting there in two hours tops?

When we arrived in Rethymnon, we had gone there to see where and especially how this Bali looks like. And of course, it’s no wonder that we learned it’s the most popular resort on the island. Golden sand, blue water, green trees and organized beaches make up a postcard-like place, called Bali, in this corner of Crete. If you get there, you will have the opportunity to choose between four beaches, since Bali is a fairly large area, about 40 minutes away from the city of Rethymnon.

The “honey” (this is actually what the word Bali means) offers a swimming experience for all kinds of tastes. You can just go and read your book by taking turns diving. Or take the family and play in the sand. If you are more active, you can indulge in water sports since it is something that the area offers. One of the beaches has pebbles for those who do not prefer sand in general.
On the plus side is that all beaches are always windless as the bay of Bali is protected from the winds. This means that you will always enjoy your swim and there is no way you will leave due to the wind (something that has happened to us on various beaches).

See where Bali is HERE

This is the beautiful exotic Bali of Greece

Rethymnon, a destination for all types of travellers

And if Bali is one of the reasons to be in Rethymnon, the county itself gives you many others as well. There are dozens of beaches more, with very attentive accommodations, shops with traditional Cretan gastronomy and hospitable residents. What else can you ask for, in order to spend the best summer vacation of your life in Crete? Or even in September since the weather on this island remains the same in summer and autumn. Bali is only one of the (good) reasons for you to vote for Crete this year!

External photography source: Google Maps