The island where you’ll even see dwarf elephant fossils

There are those who want a vacation on the big well-known islands and avoid trying their luck in the smaller hidden corners of Greece. And there are those as well, who plan each summer to be better than the previous one and try their luck in as a few square kilometres of an area as possible. If you belong to the second category, it’s time for you to meet a small, but fancy Aegean island. Tilos is not an island that you will just have a pleasant time. Tilos is a quiet emerald island in the Aegean Archipelago. The island that will live its mark in your soul.

Tilos, the quiet emerald island of the Aegean Sea

Usually, two things get our attention on an island. The beaches and Chora (main town and capital). Tilos boasts for both of them. Regarding the beaches, we have singled out Lethra which is the absolute mirror of the island. Why is that? Because it is small and as far away as you need it in order to feel like you’re spending a few hours in paradise. You’ll probably be lucky enough to swim completely alone in the endless blue water of the Aegean Sea. On the same category fall the beaches that you need a boat to get to. Look for them under the names Tholos, Agios Sergios and Skafi. You will board the boat from Livadia (the port of the island) and if you get lucky, the way we did, you will meet a boatman with good taste who will tell you about the hidden beauties of the island.

Regarding its most famous beaches, Tilos basically has a long and impressive sandy beach with clear blue water and golden sand. We are talking about Eristo. If you happen to feel like seeing something you would not often encounter, you should go to Plaka. Swimming together with peacocks isn’t a bad idea, is it?

Chora… a Big Village

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Each island is “judged” to a large extent by its Main Town (Chora) and Tilos is proud about its own. The Great Village, as it is called, has been the capital of the island for many years. If you want to see from above the Big Village, you will have to climb the steep hill of Agios Stefanos, at the foot of which are built the small white houses. When you come down from there to explore it, you will meet the epitome of Dodecanesian architecture. Whitewashed walls, blue windows and flowery courtyards. You can find a bougainvillaea and take the most beautiful picture of your summer vacations.

The island has a great ratio of monuments per inhabitant if we can say such a thing. And each resident takes great care to maintain this fact in order for it to provide an incentive for the attraction of more visitors. In every place, caves, Byzantine monuments and medieval castles pop up in front of you.

Meet the ghost village

Tilos: What you don't know about the quiet emerald island of the Aegean 3

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That’s exactly what a boatman in Tilos jokingly called it. We are talking about the Small Village, which was abandoned relatively recently, after World War II. There you will see what an Aegean village looks like if it is uninhabited. All that remains, are the walls of the houses and a “living surprise”. And we are speaking of the Mikro Chorio Bar, the unique bar of the settlement with a unique view and the special experience it offers you, to have a drink in a ghost … village. The bar is essentially flanked by the ruins of the abandoned village and with the proper lighting, it creates a mysterious and somewhat eerie setting.

Did you know that?

Tilos: What you don't know about the quiet emerald island of the Aegean Sea

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Aske where the Charkadio Cave is. There, in 1971, the remains of dwarf elephants were discovered. Since the excavations continue, you may not be able to enter but you will enjoy an amazing view! If you want to see fossilized bones of the dwarf elephants that lived on the island 50,000 years ago, visit the small museum located in the town hall of the island.

Tilos is the Aegean island that will surprise you pleasantly this summer…

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