Sea, scents and nice flavors just a stone’s throw from Athens

Poros is the weekend getaway you definitely have to do twice a year. The little Venice of the Argosaronikos, as they call it, has many reasons that will make you love it. If you seek peace and endless walks in nature, Poros its the place for you. From its beautiful settlements, Spheria and the green Kalavria, to the famous Lemon Forest. And it is so close to Athens.

Of the many reasons Poros is offered for an excursion, we have put aside five…

The sights of the island

We start from the historic Clock at the top of the hill, the island’s trademark since 1927. His first image will take you to another era, when the city was built amphitheatrically and architecture wise ,that combines urban nobility with insular simplicity. Don’t miss the chance to take a walk there to admire the neoclassical, the captain’s houses and the whitewashed houses with the bougainvilleas. The picturesque alleys lead you to beautiful squares, with the most famous Koryzi Square, where it is worth a visit the Archaeological Museum with exhibits from the wider area of Troizinia and ancient shipwrecks. In Town Hall Square you will also see the marble fountain with the dolphin sculpture wrapped around a trident.

The Lemon Forest of Galata

Escape to Poros without the boat pass you on the opposite coast of the Peloponnese ,is not possible. This is because with only 10 minutes of boating you will reach Galatas, where you are waiting for a magical forest of lemon trees, which bloom in spring . The forest ends at the beaches of Plaka and Alykes, for those who want to enjoy the view of the flowering trees through the water. The ideal time for this spectacle is definitely spring.

Walk on the island of the greek filming times.

Every walk you’ll go, in mind will cam a Greek movie. Poros is also the island loved by Greek cinema. The narrow alleys, the imposing neoclassical buildings, the pine hills, the peaceful sea, the passage, the ridge of Troizinia. All of the above, have been a source of inspiration for writers, poets, painters and of course… the filmmakers. There was filmed, among others, “Alice in the Navy”, “A Life We Have It” and “Blind to Have Marlon Brando” with Thanasis Vegos.

Poros for foodies

If you’re one of those people who combines escape with nice food, then you’re on the right island. Everywhere you will find and taste nice fish mezes, classic Greek grilled delicacies and appetizers overlooking the beautiful sunset in the port. There are options for all tastes and <wallets> with prices for seafood ranging around 20 euros per person. What’s certain is that you’ll enjoy nice flavors wherever you sit to eat.

How are you going to get there?

Ferry Boats and flying dolphins depart daily from the port of Piraeus to Poros. The duration of the trip is 2 hours and 15 minutes by conventional boat and one hour with the flying dolphins.

Don’t forget:

  • You can’t have gone to Poros and left without trying the marzipan, the walnut, the curampies, the pasteland and the baking sweets.
  • If you’re an alternative traveler, the best time to go to Poros is spring. In the lemon forest, flowering lemon trees and orange trees flood the air with intoxicating scents.
  • Do not leave Poros unless you see the Temple of Poseidon (520 BC) in the northeast part of the island (not even 10 ́ by road from the center), but also the Russian Naval Station, designated historically a monument.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that the island was loved by many spiritual people, like the poet Giorgos Seferis?

“The atmosphere of Poros has won me over. I like this people, so closed in, that dawn brings light to the immortals. Walk to the lighthouse. Metallic colors in the sea. Poros has something from Venice… with a lot of magic of course, something of a pit of lust, with the moon on top, and, all day, with the copper of the music of the Coach.” he wrote about the island.

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