A rare and unique wetland

The lakes of Greece are special places that always enchants you when you visit them. Many and quite different, other small and other larger beautiful Greek lakes are often associated with myths, legends and traditions. Also, many of them stand out for their location and unique beauty. One such Greek lake is Lake Kaiafa. As you look at it, you think it’s joined at some point by the sea. And it could be like this since it separates it from the sea just a strip of land.

Lake Kaiafa is located in the Peloponnese and specifically in the prefecture of Ilia. It separates it from the sea just a strip of land and the location is beautiful. The waters of the lake are thermal covering an area of 1,500 acres. Having a length of 3 km and a depth of 2 meters it is the small diamond of the area which is very famous.

In the waters of the lake it seems to be an islet. I On its banks, there is not the famous spa town of Kaiafa from which it took its name. Taking an excursion to the area, you will admire a beautiful landscape and enjoy the nature of the Peloponnese at its best. It is Agia Ekaterini.

This is because you probably do not know that this lake is a protected site of the Natura 2000 network because of the rare and many species that are hosted in its waters. It is a unique wetland, the second most important in the wider region of the prefecture of Iliaafter the ecosystem of the National Park of wetlands of Kotyichiu Stroflias.

So where you’re going to stand on the lake and admire this unique ecosystem, you’ll know that next to you is the sea. From this separates part of the pine forest, which also bears the name “Strofilia” as well as special formations of sand dunes.

How to get to Lake Kaiafa

The Greek lake Kaiafa is only five kilometers away from Zacharo. From Athens you will need less than three hours to reach and you will pass through a very beautiful and special route. In total you will travel 267 kilometers. To see exactly where the lake is, click HERE and get ready for your next special getaway.

External photography source: antikyra.gr