Tastes of a traditional Greece

One of the most enjoyable trips one can make is gastronomic trips. Because in addition to the beauties of the landscapes and the history of a place, you will learn something more details about the inhabitants themselves. The flavors they prefer and the flavors that fill their homes with. And that’s something that initiates you as a true visitor and not as a tourist of a place. And each place has its own traditional recipes, others more and others less well known. Like, for example, in Laconia,you have to taste the famous sweet Samousades.

Gastronomic trip to Laconia

Laconia is a place that offers to make a special gastronomic journey. It produces many local products that are used in traditional recipes that leave you completely satisfied even if you have the most demanding palate. In Laconia you will find from traditional taverns with flavors from another Greece to restaurants with more refined and special flavors.

What is certain is that you will enjoy every bite and you will leave with the best impressions. Dare to taste even the most sophisticated flavors, you won’t lose!

Recipe for Samousades Laconia

Photo Source: sidagi.gr

And of course one of the things you should try before you leave Laconia is the Samousades. A traditional dessert that looks a bit like baklava. But even if you don’t plan a trip to Laconia, you can impress your family and your friends by making it yourself. At sidagi.gr we found the traditional recipe you should try.

Ingredients (for 8 people):

For the samousades
2.5 cups wheat flour
2 tablespoons olive oil
Juice of half a lemon
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 glass of water sugar water
1 glass of water
Oil for frying

For the syrup
2 glass of water
1 glass of sugar
1 kg honey
1 cinnamon stick


The first thing you do is sift the wheat flour and pour some hot oil into it. Then rub it with your hands while adding some lemon juice, some baking powder, 1 glass of iced sugar water, and a glass of plain water. In the next stage, slowly start kneading until the dough has drunk the water. While kneading, cut the dough from time to time with a knife, fold to knead well. When you see that the dough is ready, let it rest. During this process break and chop the nuts with a knife.

Once the dough is ready, flour a surface and open a sheet, very thin. At first you have to pour the nut all over the surface of the leaf and start sprinkling with a little sugar and a little cinnamon. At one end of the sheet add a little flour, touch the rolling pin and begin to wrap the sheet around the rolling pin. When the whole sheet is finally wrapped in a roll, slowly remove the rolling pin and press with your hands to stick the leaves well together.

Next step just before the end: Cut the roll into slices with a knife, pin a clove and toothpick to each piece so that it does not open in the frying pan. Put plenty of oil in a shallow saucepan to warm up and fry the samousades. Allow the samousades for one night to rest and the next day you put them in the syrup.

How to make the syrup:

In a saucepan, you should pour 2 glasses of water and 1 sugar and let them boil. Then add a cinnamon stick and as soon as they boil add a kilo of honey. Remove the toothpicks and put the samousades for about 10 minutes in the syrup.