It is special experience to find yourself in the picturesque village of Kissos, on the mountain of Centaurs

It has been operating since 1939 and is a family business with local cuisine suggestions

There are destinations that are famous for their picturesqueness, beauty and rich natural environment. There are also destinations that are known mainly by the companies that operate in them. In turn, these businesses are becoming a must-have experience worth living. Among them is the tavern The 5F in Kissos, of east Pelion Mountain. So here is the reason why you have to eat at Mr. Maki’s tavern, The 5F, and you’ll understand what we mean.

After a few steps you are on its lovely terrace. During the summer it is full. In winter, however, its stories are written in its warm hall.

The menu is usually narrated by Mr. Makis. There are a lot of cooked dishes, you see. You won’t know what to order from the goodies that Mrs. Vaso, Mr. Maki’s wife and mother of their four daughters, cooks with great love and passion.

Warmth and hospitality

Their daughters who have taken over the service will surely win you over with their kindness and their big and spontaneous smile. More generally, the warmth and hospitality you feel here will satisfy you more than you could expect. Ordinary people, but real professionals in their job. They have made the purpose of their lives to serve honest, traditional dishes of the local cuisine and they certainly have something to offer.

The “initiation” into the secrets of their success begins with the fermented bread baked in the wood-fired oven. So fluffy and so delicious, it is something you’ve never tasted again. I’m sure you’ll order one more loaf to take away, as well. And the sequel is equally enjoyable and pleasantly stunning. Dishes that smell of freshness and love are baked in the wood-fired oven. At the same time local meats take their place on the spit. If you’re lucky, like us, they’ll definitely give you a snack.

The time of the order

The menu, rich with homemade dishes, is prepared from raw materials that Mr. Makis himself plants in his garden. He also informs you about the dishes of the day when the time of the order comes and urges you as to what you should try, as we said before. Ewe in the wood-fired oven, braised with aubergines, chicken in lemon sauce and spit goodies fill the table. From the appetizers the impressions are stolen by the zucchini flowers with rice.

Cast of the menu, are its famous homemade pies, as everyone will admit. Cheese pie, green pie, zucchini pie… Handmade leaf and rich filling, which melt in the mouth. You can take a package for home as well. Or for the road. At the end there is sweet, light wine and as a treat, handmade baking sweets as an epilogue of the evening.

Of course, Kissos in Pelion combines everything. Apart from the eclectic cuisine, it is a travel destination for all tastes. In this case, the traveler leaves twice ashappy. A visit for groups, couples and of course families.

Have a good time!

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