An exotic place an hour away from Athens

Exploring Greece you find that its beauties are much more than you might have imagined. From the green mountains and wild rivers to the sandy beaches and golden shores. Your eyes can be lost between the blue sky and all the shades of blue of the sea. Images that empty your mind from your thoughts and fascinate you. And every time you search to know more for a place, you find that the treasures are endless. And they might even be right next to you. How many times have you never discovered magic bays and corners next to Attica that you never imagined? Where did you think you’d only meet on exotic islands? And besides that, how many unique phenomena are hiding out there somewhere waiting for you to discover them…

Such a unique phenomenon will occur just an hour away from Athens. Near Eretria. The twin Greek islands which “sink” and appear again. And this is the result of a unique phenomenon in the region!

The twin Greek islands that “sink” and reappear

The specific Greek islands, which are indeed paradises, are located near Eretria in Evia. Most likely, you have never heard of them, nor the fact that from time to time they “sink” and then reappear. And this phenomenon is not happening, once a month or a year, but every day! In fact, the islands disappear depending on the movement of water in the strait of Chalkida. It’s unbelievable and very simple at the same time. In the morning the islands exist and in the afternoon they just disappear!

The specific spot where the twin Greek islands are located is a place of exceptional beauty. You come face to face with an earthly paradise that you certainly didn’t imagine was so close to Athens. In almost an hour you will be ready to meet it, of course, you will need a boat to swim in their waters. The experience is definitely unforgettable.

To see exactly where the twin Greek islands with exotic beauty are located you can click HERE. Google Maps will help you see exactly where.

Until you get there, you can admire them from the Haanity channel flight on Youtube. It is highly informative and extremely impressive…