Swimming in rivers and magical cool moments under the plane trees

Summer may be combined in our minds with the sea but if you have lived the summer experience of the mountain you will change your mind about the way you spend your holidays every year. Because the summer holidays on the mountain offer you the peace and coolness you seek and you did not know that you can enjoy so much in some parts of Greece. Our country has several mountain summer destinations and you can choose which mountain to spend your summer carefree and safely on.


The constant value in the summer holidays. We put it first on the list because it is the choice that can offer you at the same time and sea if and whenever you wish. So you can spend a few days for example in cool Chania or Portaria and then go down if you miss the sea to Agios Giannis, Tsagarada and Chorefto. What is certain is that you will enjoy the coolness of the plane trees and you may need a blanket to cover yourself in the evening. You will eat local traditional appetizers and walk around the beautiful alleys of the villages. Holidays you’ll never forget.


Photo Source: konitsa.gr

This small town in the prefecture of Ioannina overlooking the imposing top Gamila of Tymfi has everything you want to enjoy alternative holidays. It has gorges, rivers, sights, and organized facilities to choose from either something more traditional or something more modern. And if you want to swim, then the locals will tell you about theirs… beaches on the river Aoos. The Guva and the Dio Vrachia are two of the places that will suggest you to go for swimming. The waters of the river are cool and clear. Going up to the stone bridge of Konitsa you will also see many swimmers enjoying the coolness of the plane trees. Don’t forget to go all the way to the Voidomatis River and test your rafting talent. A unique cool experience.


It is considered a top winter destination but will surprise you pleasantly as a summer destination. We highly recommend Dimitsana. A village full of nature and beauties made by man. Stone towers and green landscapes pop up as soon as you get there. You will enjoy the coolness of the trees, the hospitality of the residents, and the accommodation in attentive traditional guesthouses. Generally a nice choice for a cool summer holidays. Don’t forget to visit the Hydrokinesis Museum where you will learn how watermills work.

Photo Source: www.trikalakorinthiasnetwork.gr

It is a real paradise in mountainous Corinthia. At its advantage is the close distance from Athens. There you will find pine paths and small cute villages to choose what you want to have a good time. And of course, you won’t miss the waters since you can see the crystal clear lakes of Ziria which are famous. The lake Doxa is of course the most famous and has transparent waters surrounded by black pines, and is even suitable for swimming. The coolest pleasure!

External photography source: Luu