The windless sandy beach you’ll enjoy swimming

Paros is the island on which at any of its beaches you find yourself, you will enjoy crystal clear waters, and the majority of them is shallow. It’s the right thing to do for families. You may want to visit them all, but you might fall in love with one of them and you want to go there every day. One of them is Aliki beach. A windless beach that challenges you to visit and it will capture your heart, from the first moment. If you are in Paros, it is definitely worth finding yourself up to the famous Aliki.

Aliki beach is located at the southernmost end of Paros. It’s a peaceful beach with no winds. It attracts a lot of people in the summer months and especially families with young children. It has very clear waters and beautiful thick and fluffy beach. At the beginning of the beach, you will find tamarisk trees that form an artificial shade for visitors who enjoy their swim.

The fact that the wind protects it well is also one of the characteristics that has made it particularly popular. That’s because we’re talking about the Cyclades and the winds might not let you take your swimming at some point. The beach of Alyki may not have the area and the rare sand of the other well-known beaches of the island, but it has a graphical landscape that is amazing. Even when it’s crowded, in fact, it’s not full you’ll always find your own place to put your umbrella.

Arriving at the beach you will meet many fishing boats and non-fishing boats that are located in the bay and compose a beautiful landscape. Around the beach, you will find restaurants and taverns. It is a guarantee of the good seafood snacks you can taste there. Ideal beach, that is, to spend all day there. From morning till night. You will also enjoy an idyllic sunset, from these summers that make you want to stay forever in the Cyclades.

Photo Source: Google Maps This beach is in the area of Keratea in Attica and it is the best getaway without any exaggeration.

Everything you want to know about the area

Aliki beach is located in the homonymous settlement which is actually a fishing village. In the settlement of Alyki is the museum of Cycladic folklore of the self-taught artist M. Skiada It is worth visiting if you choose to stay there on your holiday days.

If you now stay in another area of Paros again access to Aliki is very easy. Whether you come from the west or the east side of Paros. Also, the road is very good, wide and paved.