A unique view you’ve never experienced before

The more we explore Greece, the more we discover the hidden secrets which we can find them in various corners of Greece. One of them is the so-called Gibraltar of the Aegean. It’s in Anafi and from there you can watch something really shocking. The sun coming out of the sea. It is one of the most beautiful places on the Greek barren line which is in itself a unique travel experience. The view you will watch from this place of the Aegean Sea will be unforgettable for the rest of your life.

Gibraltar in the Aegean sea is in fact a huge rock, the second tallest monolith in the Mediterranean. It is the main sight of the island and you will find it on the southeastern edge of Anafi.

The 18th-century French traveler, Tournefort, had even called it the most terrifying rock in the world. At the top of Kalamos (460m), as the rock is actually called, is built the monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa. It was built three centuries ago, namely in 1715, next to ruins of a medieval fort.

From there you will admire one of the most shocking sights of your life. If you find yourself there during the sunrise you will watch the sun coming out of the sea. This is why the monastery enjoys the most impressive view of the area and attracts climbing lovers.

They often climb the rock in the afternoon and stay overnight at the top in order to enjoy the sunrise. A sunrise that if you enjoy it you will understand why it will be one of the most beautiful of your life. This is the Gibraltar of the Aegean that you watch the sun coming out of the sea2

Photo Source: kallistorwntas.blogspot.com

Anafi, the quiet holiday destination

Photo Source: anafi.gr

Anafi is the island of the Aegean sea that you should choose if you want a quiet vacation away from the crowds and intense tourist traffic. This is the other side of the Cyclades or the little wilder side and we can say, it is the more authentic. In Anafi, you will swim in virgin unknown beaches. You will walk in graphical alleys and taste traditional local flavors. You will see churches scattered in your passage and you will take pictures of the graphical windmills.

Your experience of this island will be one of the best holidays. There you will live the purest version of an island of the Cyclades. Humble and peaceful it wins the impressions with its graphical Town that stands out in the Aegean Sea. It is built amphitheatrically in the ruins of a Venetian castle and impresses the visitor from the first moment.

Have a dive at Klisidi Beach. It is one of the most shocking beaches of the island which are unique