Turquoise waters and golden fluffy sand

Exotic waters, golden sand and an endless area of sand is the image you will encounter when you reach Gregolimano of Northern Evia. It is an impressive sand tongue from those that remind you that the treasures of Greece are endless and all it takes is a willingness to explore them. This particular treasure is located about 3 hours away from Athens and it is worth making a two-day getaway there to enjoy it.

Gregolimano beach actually belongs to the homonymous settlement of North Evia. This particular beach is one that you do not often meet in Greece because of its shape. The waters are crystal clear and turquoise and the sand is golden and fluffy. It’s like you’re in some exotic destination.

At Gregolimano beach you will find clear and calm waters and a great view of the blue. Probably you’ll stay until nightfall to enjoy the sunset. On the beach, there is a little bit organized but it is good to have with you the necessary equipment to be able to enjoy the sun and the sea. This beach is a prime example of the beauty and impressive coastline that Evia offers you.

How to get to Gregolimano

The distance from Athens is about 3 hours. The route is not difficult but it is not a distance you make for a one-day excursion. When you arrive you may think it is a private beach due to the hotel located there but the beach is free to swim from all swimmers who want to enjoy the exotic waters and the soft, golden sand. See HERE exactly where Gregolimano beach is located and how you can get there.

To get a picture of the beach from above, you can watch the video from youtube’s UpDrones channel.

Don’t miss

Apart from Gregolimano beach, it is worth visiting the area and Milos beach. An equally graphical and impressive sandy beach which has for its trademark a picturesque windmill in its middle. If you like sports, you will be even more pleased as this small and spotless bay is suitable for such activities.