Escape to the mountain next door

What makes Parnitha stand out is, that everyone will find a way to have a good time there. Young and old will enjoy a one-day excursion all year round. But mostly in winter. Just a stone’s throw from the center of Athens.

The mountain of Parnitha is located in a unique beauty , 30 km northwest of Athens. In this huge pine-covered National Park spanning more than 300 square kilometers live about 30 species of mammals and 120 species of birds. There are about 800 different species of herbs and plants. To understand the size of the wealth of the region it is sufficient to know that the species of plants cover 17% of the flora of the country. Walking the various paths you will discover for yourself the beauty of the area and the spectacle that offers. Nature lovers have Parnitha on their list of favorite places.

What are you going to do when you get there?

The first thing that comes to the mind of someone who knows Parnitha well, is hiking. The mountain has hundreds of paths for exploration as well as small caves. A well-known route is to the Buffy-Skipiza shelter. It is an impressive route to the dense thic pineforest and has very good signalling and it is circular. Its total length is 8 kilometers and you’ll need about 3 hours to make it. It is also of moderate difficulty, and perhaps the nicer route of Central Parnitha. From the firehouse of Skipiza, the view is fantastic. If you now like mountain biking there are also marked routes. In Parnitha there are also several churches and monasteries for visit.

For the foodies

You can’t go on a good food trip. And Parnitha offers this to its many taverns. A very good choice is the pirounakia. Take a chicken skewer and you’ll remember us.

How to get to Parnitha

Get in the car and follow the highway to Lamia. Turn left at the exit marked Parnitha. It is a very scenic route that leads you to the top. You have to remember that the road has several turns. If you can’t stand them, you better leave the car at the foot of the mountain and take the cable car.

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