Green environment and blue waters next to Athens

It is next to Athens, it is cuddly and well-groomed and is one of the most comfortable and carefree destinations from spring time onwards. The reason for Agistri, of course. Just an hour and a half away from the port of Piraeus, you will find a low-key destination for a relaxed one-day excursion. It promises you – and does so – the ultimate relaxation and tranquility that you find only in places much more distant.

What are you going to do for one day in Agistri?

It goes without saying that in the summer time you will spend most of your day on the beaches. But if you go one day excursion in the spring, in addition to your shore walks, there are other very interesting things to do.

And we start with the bike. If you have your own bike you can carry it for free on the ferry liner. If you don’t have one, you can rent (and we highly recommend it) very easily from Skala. economically and quickly. And you start your walk. You will discover many hidden plases and you will see the island from various places. If you like taking pictures, you’ll enjoy these rides even more.

Agistri,is the joy of hiking. You’ll walk easily and quickly without even realizing it. It is walked very easily and quickly while it has various labyrinthine spots for lovers of adventure and strange routes.

Walk in Limenaria

Photo Source: Ggia

If you want to see perhaps the most picturesque village on the island then you have to go to Limenaria. They are drowned in a forest of pines and cypresses and they are particularly traditional. What it is definitely stood out is the freshly baked bread. Don’t forget it…

Where are you going to stay if you want to go for the weekend?

Agistri is indeed an ideal destination for one-day excursion but even better for a weekend. You’ll find a lot of options in accommodations, and all you have to do is book what you want..

Where to eat

In Agistri you will eat fresh fish by the sea and with a nice view. Cafe shops in Mandraki and the Little Wine, Little Sea is a guarantee for big portions and good prices.

Don’t forget

Agistri is an island that has its own lake. It’s definitely not something you come across often. From the locals you’ll hear her called the Basin<lekani> It is definitely worth seeing the way its waters are renewed by the sea. It has among other things a very nice path for walking around.