The perfect weekend getaway

The perfect place for escape so close to Athens. A dreamy island with turquoise waters and a rich green natural environment. Agistri is the ideal island to escape from everyday life and spend relaxing moments walking in graphical alleys and swim in beautiful beaches that look like an exotic destination. Green landscapes and blue waters spread out in front of your eyes creating a feast of images and aromas. The ones you won’t forget easily and will always make you come back.

The close proximity of the island to Athens makes it an ideal destination for the weekend. Within 48 hours, you can discover the secret corners of the island and have a great time.

Agistri: The authentic and beautiful island next to Athens

Agistri consists of three villages that are close to each other. It’s the Megalohori, the Kala and the Limenaria. In all three of them, you will see many beautiful places, you will have great food and you will enjoy relaxing moments. The largest of all is Megalohori. They even call it the Milo. It is definitely our favorite village, without meaning that the other villages are less beautiful.

In Megalohori you will walk in graphical streets and you will see traditional houses with beautiful and surrounded courtyards. It’s a dream… Agistri is the island you think takes you far away, but it’s right next to your house. This is why it is also an ideal destination for weekends.


Agistri and its beautiful beaches

What will capture your hearts in Agistri is its beaches. Beaches with turquoise waters and a tufted trees that will charm you. In total, you have the opportunity to swim on five beaches. Two of them will magnetize you. It’s the beach. Scala and Aponisos. Their characteristic is the color of their waters and their purity. One beach is located north of the island while the other is located on a small island that is joined with Agistri with a bridge. Wherever you go to – or both – you’re sure to have a good time and feel like you’ve gone far way from Athens One beach is located north of the island while the other is located on a small island that joins with the Agistri by a bridge. Try to visit both of them if you will be there for a weekend.

An experience that will be unforgettable…

Don’t miss:

If you go to Agistri for a weekend or more days don’t miss an ascent to Metochi. It is a small village between Skala and Megalohori. From there you will enjoy unique views of the whole island.

See some stunning images from the channel Travel Inspiration Youtube.