Mykonos is one of the finest examples of Cycladic architecture

Mykonos has all the typical characteristics of traditional Cycladic architecture. Like a cluster of white grapes, with tiny strokes of color here and there, its houses stand bathed in the glaring sun of the Aegean.

Whitewashed walls, flat roofs, wooden doors and window shutters painted in all shades of the Aegean blue, flowered balconies, and a maze of paved narrow alleys, flood the visitors’ senses from the first moment they set their foot here. Flat roofs and cubic shapes provide protection from the strong Cycladic winds.

Small openings in the houses’ northern sides eliminate thermal loads and humidity. Stone walls and shady areas from dense foliage in the exteriors, achieve cooling. White washed walls minimize the absorption of heat from the walls. Characteristic of Mykonian architecture is the dense lay-out of its cube-like houses, and the smooth asymmetrical shape on the corners of all its buildings.

The island’s many votive chapels, some of which have been designated as historical monuments, stand out for their simple construction and their red arched roofs. In this beautiful scenery do not forget that there are great rent-a-villa opportunities offering high end amenities.