A quaint little church awaits at the turn of every corner on the island of Mykonos

Picturesque churches, like sculptures of white and blue, are one of Mykonos’ most iconic images. You see them everywhere, so don’t miss to visit them. Several of these humble places of worship have been declared by the Ministry of Culture as protected historical monuments.

Nowadays, they remain an integral part of the locals’ daily life and a beautiful background for visitor photos. Along with its share of monasteries, convents and cathedrals Mykonos is very well known for its profusion of small family churches.

Originally built as a tribute to aid in the safe return of the island’s sailors, the celebrated number of these chapels is said to be 365, one for each day of the year. In reality and lately more of a sign of affluence, these churches number closer to 500 in total.

In some cases these private chapels not only house the remains of family members and ancestors but also are the scene for yearly religious festive celebrations called “Panigiria” which take place on various days throughout the religious year.