With a little planning, Mykonos taxis offer a great service to visitors

Taxi service in Myconos requires a little planning. Because there are only 31 taxis on the island, taxi service on the spot won’t happen unless you pre-arrange for it. Don’t expect to see one and wave it down to pick you up. Taxis are mostly by appointment, unless you’re waiting at the taxi pick-up point in Myconos town and take it from there. There are no meters, but the rates are standard according to the destination and are displayed at the taxi square.

Calling for a radio taxi costs € 1.30 extra, and an appointment € 5 in addition to the fare. Just to give you a rough idea, the cost of a taxi trip from the airport to Chora is 15 euros (3,5 km). The main taxi stop is at the main square of the island, next to the statue of Manto Mavrogenenous. If your wallet can afford it, there are posh private limousine services that will take care of all your transportation needs, even offering tips on local hot spots for dining and entertainment, or great deals on rent-a-villa accommodations on the island.