Enchanting images close to Athens

It is the9th largest artificial lake in Greece with a landscape beauty really special. It is located between the two largest mountains of Roumeli and it sorrouned by green landscapes and running waters. It is the butterfly lake in Greece, as they call it. We’re talking, of course, about The Lake of Mornos. A paradise in Fokida that brings together a rich life of fauna and flora. The lakes of Greece are a special piece of natural beauty and the one of Mornos is one of the most beautiful pieces of the puzzle

The butterfly lake of Greece and its unique beauty

The butterfly lake of Greece is characterized by the rich flora and fauna that has developed around its banks. Many wild animals find refuge around the lake and in its waters. If you get there, you’ll get a chance to see rare species of birds and animals. They’ll fly over your head from seagulls to predators. They are coming from the mountains. You become one with nature in a place of Greece that has not been unjustly integrated into the program “Natura 2000”. It’s the artificial but beautiful lake of Mornos.

In addition to its beauty, the lake stands out for its special shape. If you happen to pass by plane, you’ll think it looks like an aquatic butterfly. On its banks, the lacy bays have been created with so much mastery that it is rightly characterized as “the fjords of mountainous Fokida. In summer the spectacle is unique with the water falling and the emergence of the once lively village of the area

It is a settlement that was necessarily moved to another location higher than the surface of the lake when the time had come to create it. Images are all you need for photos and to isolate yourself and your thoughts. To charge your batteries and to yourself.

Escape to Fokida

The area of Fokida is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway. And indeed, for all the months of the year. Whether you want to enjoy the cool breeze and the yellow leaves of autumn, or the snowy mountains in winter, the traditional villages of Roumeli await you. Settlements such as Lidoriki, Pentagioi, Dafnos and Artonina are the ideal destination for escape from Athens.

All you need to do is put it on the schedule and pack your bags…

External photography source: anjči