Unique images from another Greece

Running water, green landscapes and forests that fascinate you. Apart from the huge coasts of Greece, the mountain landscapes are just as beautiful in our country. One of them is located in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania and specifically in Lake Trichonida. It’s the unknown Mokistiano River and its impressive twin waterfalls. A landscape that leaves you speechless no matter what period you will be there. All you have to do is make a decision to explore it. The waterfalls of Greece always fascinate you and invite you for a different journey in nature.

The twin and impressive waterfalls of Greece

The twin waterfalls of Mokistianos are a favorite destination for nature lovers who seek quietness and a green landscape to rest. The waterfalls are located in the homonymous gorge of the Mokistianos stream which of course you need to do some hiking if you want to reach as many places as you can. The images, however, are magnificent. You will see an unparalleled beauty setting that essentially spreads out in the lake area of Trichonida. Most of the gorge is visited on foot from a path that starts from the Springs of Agia Sophia.

There, you will also meet these twin waterfalls that are not very well known to most people. At that point, the scenery is completed by the dense vegetation and the sounds of nature. The natural beauty you will found in the total length of 7 km gorge of Mokistianos is the one that you do not forget for a lifetime.

Escape to Trichonida

Trichonida is the place where you will make an alternative excursion different from the usual. It is close to Agrinio and the access from Athens is close enough. It’s going to take about three hours to get there, so you can do a weekend trip. In fact, Trichonida is connected by a narrow water trail with Lake Lysimachia which is only a few meters away. In fact, these two lakes were connected. The whole area around the lake is very fertile while the name of the lake comes from Trichomium, an ancient city founded by the Aitoli.

If you’re looking for a little paradise for an excursion, you just found it. You’re going to love this place, especially if you’re a nature lover.

See through the video of andreas koutsothanasis channel on Youtube images of the beauty of the twin waterfalls…