The island that offers you everything generously..

Tinos is a Cycladic beauty that no matter how many times you have been there, you always will find a way to have a good time and see new things. An island with natural beauty but also architecture, wonderful beaches, and good food. What else do you need to have a good time on your holidays? It is no coincidence that this island is a holiday hangout for many people and they choose to take there on the days of their summer getaway. And there are many reasons to visit the island. In we chose four main reasons to spend your holidays in Tinos. The beautiful corner in the Cyclades

We present them to you…

For the beaches of the island

The beaches of Tinos are beautiful, large and very clean. There are so many of them that it is certainly is not enough just one visit to enjoy all of them. We have distinguished two beaches which are for different tastes. One is Apigania. A truly exotic beach that has stayed relatively away from tourist development. This beautiful bay of turquoise waters will fascinate you at first sight. Our second favorite is Pachia Ammos which is also calm and away from the many people and tourism. An impressive background of crystal clear waters and golden sand.

Its gastronomy.

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If you’ve already been to Tinos, you know what we mean. Tinos is the island that stands out for its gastronomy. Delicious salty and sweet flavors. You will taste traditional meats, savory delicacies and sweet cheese pies. This fertile Cycladic island has famous local products that open your appetite from the moment you go out to the port in the morning. At noon you will eat in graphical taverns and try traditional local recipes. What’s for sure is that when you get home, you’ll remember these flavors with nostalgia.

The graphical Chora of Tinos and its villages

Tinos town and at the same time its the port of the island is so picturesque and beautiful. You’re going to enjoy your walks there and take a lot of pictures under the bougainvillea. Apart from Chora you will enjoy walks in the beautiful villages of Tinos. One of them is Kardiani. It is one of the places that stands out in Tinos due to its abundant running water as it is full of plane trees and lush vegetation.

For alternative activities

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Tinos is also the island of extreme sports. In Tinos you will enjoy alternative activities such as climbing the rock of Exomvourgios and windsurfing in Megali Kolympithra. If you like diving, go all the way to Kionia, where there’s a diving center. Tinos is the island you will spend quiet holidays but you will also raise your adrenaline if you want to.

And these are just a few reasons why you can choose Tinos for your holidays. The rest of the reasons you’ll find out there…

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