Stunning images of emerald waters

If you decide to explore the coastline of Attica you will find that it hides many small and unknown diamonds. Small beaches just outside Athens that you have never visited but you may never have heard their name before. One of them is the Small Pelion in Attica. A secret beach – diamond that is not in Magnesia but much closer to us, in Attica.

As soon as you reach this beach you will see that the pine trees reach the water while the waters are turquoise colors. In a scene this reminds you to a large extent of the images of Pelion hence its name. The place is kept <virgin> without mans intervention. What you should know, of course, is that Little Pelion is inaccessible and there is no road leading to the beach.

This practically means that you will be able to access either by boat, or claiming the gorge. the sure thing is that you will be reworded by the view. the beach is between the beach of agios apostolos and the beach of varnava attikis. If you choose it once, for your one-day excursion it is certain that many more will follow. It is one of the little known beaches with the most difficult access that will win you over. And even if you can’t admire it up and close, you can enjoy a walk from above thanks to the various drone shots that give you another panoramic view of the landscape.

This is also the case with Little Pelion in Attica. You can admire this from the Haanity channel video on Youtube. The images are truly riveting and show you in the best way the beauty that Greece has.