Crystal clear waters in a landscape of pine trees

Exploring the coasts of Attica and the surrounding counties you can spot beaches that you never even imagined that they existed. Away from the buzz and the crowds you will find sandy beaches with clear and blue waters, sand and fine pebbles. And you will enjoy what we call peace and quietness almost next to your home. One such beach, just an hour away from Athens is the beach Of Mikra Strava.. It is not famous, organized, or cosmopolitan. What is certain is that it will offer you relaxed moments away from the crowds. And you’re going to enjoy an unexpected one-day trip. On your next escape, put it on the schedule.

The beach of Mikra Strava is the ideal destination to make a different one-day trip and even enjoy the sunset. This beach is literally a small paradise in Greek nature and is only an hour away from Athens.

What are you going to meet when you will be there? Blue, crystal clear waters and fine pebbles. All around the setting is surrounded by trees and green hills. A landscape of peace and quietness. It will win your heart from the first moment and you’ll be back again soon.

Of course, it is not an organized beach so it is good to have with you all the necessary especially if you want to stay until the evening. And why not? If you have a small tent you can even stay overnight and to enjoy swimming at sun’s first light. Experience unique!

How to get to Mikra Strava Beach

Access is relatively easy and you will enjoy the quietness, away from the crowds and the city’s mess. However, because some of them have been confused by the signs from time to time, see here exactly where it is. To get to the beach Of Mikra Strava you better drive through the route Loutraki and Perachora. You will probably drive half an hour more but this route from there is much better.

Take your book, put your umbrella, and enjoy the view with the sea and the trees around. You just discovered a new treasure…

Kalopigado is the beach in Attica that you will love from the first moment. External photography source: Google Maps