Naxos is the island of cyclades that you know you can combine holidays of two species, mountain and sea. And you’re going to enjoy both. You will find villages by the sea with spread sandy beaches that have shallow waters and fluffy sand such as the settlement of Apollonas. It is a quiet, small village in the north of the island. . On the other hand you will enjoy quiet moments in the mountain settlements of Naxos.

The Settlement of Apollonas

The settlement of Apollo is located in the northeast part of the island. It is a seaside village with a wonderful view of the Ikario Sea. Visiting Apollonas you will see its picturesque pier with local fishing boats as well as the cafes and restaurants that they are opened in the summer period.

You will also notice the imposing mountain “Kalogeros” which ends at the edge of the sea and forms a unique landscape. The beach of Apollonas is picturesque with its main part consisting of thick sand and suitable for… beach sports activities such as racquetball. The rest of it has beautifully varied pebbles and is called “asmyrolimnos”. The sea has clear waters and is suitable for water sports such as canoe-kayak for most days it has strong air.

The characteristic sight of Apollonas is the archaeological monument of the statue “Kouros” which is located at the top of the village. The statue is 11 meters high and according to the legend, is the god Apollon or the god Dionysus. That specific location was during antiquity one of the quarries of Naxos where marble sculpture art started, with most statues transferred to the island of Delos.

Photo Source: Tango7174

Everything you want to know about the seaside village

The seaside village of Apollonas is 37 km from the town (Chora) of Naxos, going by the ring road. If you want to travel by local means of transportation you will spend much more time as there are no regular services throughout the day.

If you like peace and quietness you can stay in Apollonas. The settlement has hotel accommodations and apartments for rent. But if you want to make a small excursion for swimming you can choose the beach of Agios Fykas which is only a few kilometers outside the settlement of Apollonas.

External photography source: Olaf Tausch