The sandy beach with the turquoise waters and the characteristic scene with Pelagia

Greece has often become a cinematic setting for many films of foreign cinema. In fact, several of them had such huge success that they made the places famous around the world. This has happened with the movie “Mama mia” and the island of Skopelos. Such a movie is “The Mandolin of captain Corelli” which was filmed in Kefalonia. In the movie they filmed many parts of the island and as a result, the tourist flow was increased on the island in the coming years. And who doesn’t remember the scene with Mandra and Pelagia on the beach? A beach where many shots were filmed is the Horgota beach.

The magnificent background of the American Film ” The Mandolin of Captain Corelli”

Horgota Beach is located in the northern part of Kefalonia near Komitata of Erisos. It is also known as Gorgota but also as captain Corelli’s beach. Even if you haven’t seen the movie (which is almost unlikely), you will surely have seen some posters in which this particular beach is starring. You may also have heard that its called “the beach of Pelagia” because of the first scene of the film in which we see Penelope Cruz with the background of this beach.

As soon as you get there you will understand why this particular beach was chosen for the film. It is a pebbled beach with crystal clear waters. The setting of the blue-green sea have has been hugged by the cypresses and the olives trees that are around.

You’ll be able to imagine the beauty of the beach before you even get there. You’ll see the Horgotas from above as you descend from the Comitata and you will get excited.

This beach is not organized, so if you are in Kefalonia for a holiday and you want to visit it you will have to carry with you all the necessary things you will need.

How to approach the Horgota beach

The Mandolin of Captain Corelli: The Greek beach where the film was shot

Access to Horgota Beach is very easy if you are on the island. You will go through the settlement of Komitata following the sign for Agia Sophia. The road is paved to the junction for Horgeta. Then a narrow dirt road continues, but it’s only 900 meters so it won’t be hard for you.